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A patient portal is a secure gateway that is accessed via the web or mobile app that gives your patients access to their medical records. This is a massively powerful tool that will reduce staff overhead, increase revenue, streamline several processes, improve patient engagement, and make care more accessible. They are an indispensible infrastructure component of 21st-century healthcare practices. The benefits of a portal are too extensive to deny your agency, your staff, and your patients.

Avail Health Portal is designed to act as surrogate clinicians and surrogate receptionists that patients can access anywhere and anytime using internet connections or mobile devices. They are a revolutionary change in the way that care is delivered and administration is handled. Patient portals automate routine interactions such as scheduling, forms, and billing, decreasing administrative burdens on staff and freeing them to provide a superior experience to onsite patients. Patient portals also allow the practice and patient to stay continually connected. This allows your agency to provide ongoing care with thoroughness and continuity that was previously impossible.

Avail Health Portal, Account Management View

Online appointment requests and electronic form completion will save your front office a bundle of time, reducing your staff overhead costs as well as physical goods costs on paper documents that are typically scanned and uploaded in the traditional model. Eliminate the middle the man of the process and streamline the entire prodecure. Secure messaging will allow your patients to contact your providers, and visa versa, should an emergency arise. All communications are documented and can be used to modify or create treatment plans. Drive attendance rates up and reduce no-shows, by using automated reminders for all scheduled patient events, such as an individual one-on-one session. Automated account notices sent via the portal are a great to way keep your cash flow steady. Offer education materials, supplemental information, or advice delivered via a secure and trusted portal branded for your business. This is the perfect tool for building your agency's brand up, setting your agency above the rest, and building a trusted relationship with your clients.

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  • Practice Benefits

      • Automate Routine Interactions
      • Automate Payment and Appointment Reminders
      • Decrease No-Show Rate
      • View Real-Time Account Status
      • Decrease Staff Phone Time
      • HIPAA Compliance and Secure Data
      • Online Form Completion
      • Stronger Patient Engagement
      • Reduce Administrative Costs
      • Provide Supplemental Education Resources and Materials
      • Reduce Physical Goods Costs
      • Powerful Branding Resource
      • Meaningful Use Criteria

  • Patient Benefits

      • 24/7 Remote Access to Practice
      • Stronger Patient Connection to Care
      • Continual Access to Education and Materials
      • Online Electronic Form Completion
      • Secure Message Communications to Provider
      • Easy Account and Billing Review
      • Request Appointments
      • Notification of Lab Results
      • View Lab Results
      • View Clinical Summaries of Office Visits
      • Appointment Reminders
      • Real-Time Account Updates

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