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Avail Health Notes is a one-of-a-kind EMR/EHR suite. It is specifically designed for behavioral health. What this means for your agency is that you get all of the features and benefits, without any of the frills, irrelevant functions, and associated costs that an ambulatory program may charge you for. It's complete with full scheduler, accounting package, clinical bundle, secure messaging, and form builder.

Few Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) programs come complete with both accounting and clinical suites. Typically they will act sufficiently in one of those two areas, but rarely in both. Check out and see what Avail Health Notes users have to say about how it's working for them in our testimonials.


Avail Health Notes Sample Ledger

Don't Just Count Beans, Increase Them

Avail Health Notes keeps a complete financial history of everything that a patient has ever been charged or has been paid on their account, as well as any discounts or write-off. The accounting portion of Avail Health Notes is designed to decrease staff overhead costs by using efficient practices, such as electronic insurance billing and centralized payment collection data while also increasing cash flow by making the billing process more fluid.

  • Medicaid
    •   Title XIX billing capabilities come standard with Avail Health Notes. Simply create a batch of claims and submit them to your preffered Medicaid clearinghouse.
  • Electronic Insurance Billing
    •   EDI connects the electronic medical billing world. It is the standard that connects you to 3rd Party Payers. Let Avail Health Notes do the heavy lifting. Generate a full weeks electronic billing in just minutes and watch your cash become a steady stream.
  • Paper Insurance Billing
    •   There may still be times when a particular insurance company or other 3rd Party Payer requests a paper claim; no problem for Avail Health Notes. Insert the pre-printed claim form into your printer, choose the claims to print, and viola: paper claims that are ready to be mailed or faxed!
  • Reports
    •   Detailed reporting makes it possible to inspect your business from all angles. The data is already being entered, why not use it? Leverage all of the charges being generated and the payments being input to give you optics into your business and the direction that it's headed.
  • Point of Sale
    •   Generate receipts for patient payments to manage your till with ease. Two receipts are always generated: one for your patient and one for your agency. That way when the till is pulled and verified with one of the reports as to what was entered into the system, you can make sure that things match up.
  • TARGET Interface (WA State Only)
    •   With a few clicks, export all activity for patients required to report to Washington State's DSHS/DASA TARGET reporting system. Make oversight reporting dramatically easier on your staff by using the TARGET Export feature.
  • Patient Ledger
    •   Each patient gets their own ledger. This way all charges and credits are tracked on the patient level, giving your business insight into which patients are falling behind.
  • Patient Statements and Overdue Notices
    •   Easily create statements for all of your patients at once. They are defaulted to fit perfectly into windowed tri-fold envelopes for convenient mailing. Additionally if a patient does fall behind, you can remind them with an overdue notice letter, generated directly out of Avail Health Notes.
  • Other Accounting Features
    •   Custom fee schedules by payer to maximize revenue
    •   Search by transaction
    •   Integrated grant billing
    •   Associate response EDI files with claim batches
    •   View revenue production by staff member


Avail Health Notes Treatment Plan Sample

Helping Clinicians Help Patients

The clinical portion of Avail Health Notes is a comprehensive set of tools for all of a patient's treatment. From admission to discharge, clinicians will be able to track every note, document, treatment plan, group, or phase for all of your patients. You will never have to worry about losing track of a paper case file or wander around looking at your staff's desks for your next appointment's notes. And unlike some EHR/EMR programs, multiple users can view the same file, note, or document at the same time.

  • Treatment Planning
    •   In a few simple steps a patient's treatment plan is customized and completed. Store base template treatment plans and tailor them to each problem or patient.
  • Chart Notes
    •   Notes are so easy your clinical staff won't mind documenting anything and everything. In the fee for service world, the note serves as documentation that the session took place. This is important not only for the patient but also for your business' cash flow.
  • Treatment Groups
    •   Quickly assign patients to treatment groups. From there, the rosters are generated and can be printed at any time so the sign in sheet for that group is ready to go. You can also store a digital copy of the signed roster in the actual group in Avail Health Notes, allowing you to easily settle any disputes of attendance.
  • Group Notes
    •   Group notes are a breeze in Avail Health Notes. A group with a roster of 12 patients can be completed within 10 minutes. Each note for each patient will be quality, customized, and personal. 60 minutes to do handwritten group notes on paper is a thing of the past.
  • Digital Documents
    •   Create and store any file: scanned documents, spreadsheets, Adobe PDFs, or any other file type that you wish to store. Each patient gets a document bucket that will allow their documents to be stored in one place for easy access.
  • Electronic Forms
    •   Introducing electronic forms into Avail Health Notes! With the new form builder you will have the opportunity to create electronic versions of your forms and fill them out digitally inside a patient file, saving you the manual hand writing, scanning, and uploading process. The most common forms that are created are assessment forms (full assessment), intake forms, and release of information forms. Contact us about pricing information to have us create your forms for you.
  • Court Reports
    •   For any patients that have a third party entity that requires reports to be submitted to them, such as a court or probation officer, you can effortlessly generate a Status Report on the patient's behalf. It is automatically addressed and labeled ready to be mailed, with all of the relevant information.
  • Electronic Toxicology Results
    •   Generate your chain of custody or requisition form out of Avail Health Notes for the specific UA test for a patient. An activity is automatically created documenting the collection. When the sample is processed and the results are sent back, Avail Health Notes places the results inside the patient file in an easy to read table format with all of the drugs tested and their value levels. Currently only works with Sterling Labs.
  • Other Clinical Features
    •   Leverage customizable templates for treatment plans and notes
    •   Create and manage entire group syllabus
    •   Absence report
    •   Patient appointment lists


Avail Health Notes Scheduler KeyCal

Organize Your Day, Week, Month

To round out the components for an all-inclusive program for behavioral health, there's the scheduler. KeyCal is a simple scheduler allowing you to plan for your entire day, week, or month. Any event can be linked to a patient, giving several options regarding the attendance of the patient for the event. Avail Health Notes then automatically creates a task from the event assigned to the staff member who it was scheduled for reminding them that work needs to be completed for that patient file.
Your counselors will never have to remember to go back and do a note, Avail Health Notes will remind them that there is outstanding work! This process helps accounting and administration to make sure that all work is completed prior to the billing cycle.

  • KeyCal Features
    •   Schedule patient appointments
    •   Automatically track required action items such as progress notes
    •   Track all groups
    •   Customize calendar views for what is relevant to you
    •   View by day and week views
    •   View all providers schedules
    •   Create appiontment reminder lists for the any day
    •   Preview appointment details beforehand
    •   Preview client file directly from scheduler before the appointment
    •   Check patients in, reschedule, or cancel appointments


Avail Health Notes Inbox Secure Messaging

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Avail Health Notes has integrated secure, asynchronous messaging which allows your staff to communicate without having to be in the same room or pick up the phone, saving time and energy. Sometimes the question of "Why can't I just e-mail my co-worker?" comes up. The reason is that unsecured messaging (e-mail) containing any patient identifiable information is a HIPAA privacy breach. Under current law, both the agency and the individual personally are liable for incurring the penalties. Avail Health Notes has a few different tools for secure communication that meet and exceed HIPAA policies.

  • Integrated Blog (Web Log)
    •   Keep your whole organization up to date with policy changes, procedure updates, or other important information. No more memos or mass emails, just post it to the blog and everyone will see it automatically when they log in.
  • Secure Messaging
    •   Send messages to anyone in your organization, securely. You will have the option to seamlessly and directly link the exact page that you are looking at to a co-worker or boss, so that you can reference exactly what you want to commuinicate. Send a linked page, attachment, or just a quick note.
  • Integrate Multiple Locations or Lines of Business
    •   Do you have multiple locations and want your staff to be able to communicate securely with one another? Do you have one facility but several lines of business (CD, MH, etc) that operate under that one roof? Seamlessly integrate physical locations or lines of business with Avail Health Notes. If you wish to keep the entities separate, Avail Health Notes can support that as well.

Customer Journey

Avail Health KeyNotes Customer Journey Infographic

Customer Journey

Customer Journey and Business Relationship

Just as the relationship between your business and your clients is an essential part of your practice, the relationship between your business and our business is equally as important.

  • Priming Avail Health Notes (Training Wheels) Program
    •   Full walkthrough of the entire configuration. Here you will see exactly how the pieces fit together. You have the unique opportunity to drill down into your business workflow and diagnose what is working and what needs improvement. This will also act as the basis for the accounting training. It is highly recommended that the priming and configuration is completed by someone from the billing team with knowledge of your current billing procedures. There are of course clinical configuration steps that can be completed by someone else who may be more suited for the job.
  • Clinical Training
    •   After or near before the Priming Avail Health Notes process is complete, we schedule a small clinical training to get your clinical staff up to speed. This is done over a GoToMeeting webcast, so they can follow along and see exactly what is happening. The clinical training is very simple because the tools are simple and intuitive. If there any questions after the training, your point of contact can always reach out to us.
  • Accounting Conversation
    •   We refer to the accounting training as an on-going conversation. Since the accounting piece by it's own nature is more involved, we have found that it does not make sense to schedule a training and give the attendees more than they can handle at that point in time. The accounting and billing point of contact can contact us to receive any answers to their questions. We will be there to help with your first patient payment, electronic insurance billing, and remittance from insurance (insurance payment).


  • Monthly

  • $79 / month / user

    * One time setup fees apply

  • Full Knowledge Base
  • Unlimited Training
  • Unlimited Support
  • Automatic Updates
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • All Components
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Highlights

    • Because we believe that software should be all-inclusive instead of components, all portions of Avail Health Notes are sold as one package. Everybody gets the same deal; it doesn't matter if you're a one-person outfit or a multi-facility large-scale agency. This is perfect for scalability and growth.

      • Automatic Redundant Backups
      • Web Accessible Anywhere
      • No Remote Access Software Required
      • Centralized Database
      • Secure Data, Class A Data Center
      • Automatic Updates
      • Secure Messaging
      • Monthly Credit Card Billing
      • Standard Pricing

    * One-Time Setup Fees: $1,495 per agency profile, $99 per user. Local sales tax will apply.

    Additional Services: Data Import - $2,495, Form Templates - $150, Custom Form Import - Price Varies on Form

    Pricing Example:

    Setup + First Month: (1 Agency Profile x $1495 Setup) + (10 Users x $99 Setup) + (10 Users x $79 Monthly) = $3275 Setup + local sales tax

    Recurring Monthly After the First Month: 10 Users x $79 = $790 + local sales tax