We've all had the unforunate pain of a poor professional service experience, and healthcare is the greatest professional service out there. Your clients deserve the best experience in such an important and sensitive area, we just want to help.

Avail Health is a company whose core is built on developing tools for the clinicians, counselors, providers, and administration; the people that are in one of the socially toughest industries out there: behavioral health. The end beneficiary, the patient, needs help but often times either does not want help or will not admit that they need help. This makes the clinicians job a challenge, especially considering that each one of their patients is different and has different triggers and responses to certain strategies that are aimed to help them. Your job is face to face time with patients, helping them in an area of their life that will have an immense impact on the rest of their lives and the lives of those around them. You should not have to focus on paper work, redundant data entry, or outdated inefficient processes. While no one on the Avail Health team is a clinician, our goal is aligned with yours: provide effective, efficient, quality care for your patients.

Our products are built on the constraints that they must be secure, accountable, and easy to use. We use the same levels of encryption that your bank uses for it's web and mobile technology, ensuring that your agency's and your patients' data is safe. These security protocols meet and exceed HIPAA requirements. Feature-rich and simplicity are two qualities that every application strives to capture. Our pupose is to keep our tools as streamlined as possible without all the bloat, while still delivering on the components that matter most to you and the industry standards. One motto that we stand by is:

If you can browse the internet, check your e-mail, and buy something from Amazon.com, you can confidently use our products.