Frequently Asked Questions

Avail Health Notes

What is Avail Health Notes?

Avail Health Notes is a full end-to-end Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) suite. Complete with scheduler, electronic billing, patient records, reports, and more. It was previously known as KeyNotes but was rebranded in 2014 as Avail Health Notes. Get more information here.

What kind of computer or network components are required?

All that is required for Avail Health Notes is a workstation with the Mozilla Firefox web browser and an internet connection. Specific workstation requirement minimums are 2.4 GHz processor and 4 MB RAM. For an optimal experience a cable, DSL, or better connection is suggested. Here is a list of recommended workstations for running Avail Health Notes.

What do I have to do for updates?

Absolutely nothing! All updates to your deployment of Avail Health Notes is taken care of by us. We keep a changelog so you can the changes that are important to you. Additionally, if there is a large update that will change a core feature, we will post a blog update right to your system so you and all your employees can see what's new.

What kind of training comes with Avail Health Notes?

There are two sides to the training that is included with Avail Health Notes. The clinical training is done over a 60 to 90 minute session with our point of contact(s) with your agency, who then train the rest of your staff. This training is done over the phone and can also be done with a GoToMeeting session upon request. Avail Health Notes is so easy to use that this is all the training that most counselors will need.

The billing or accounting side of the training is more of an ongoing conversation, since the billing side has a few more moving parts. We will be available for all of the major milestones in moving forward with Avail health Notes, including first electronic billing, TARGET data export, and electronic toxicology results import.

What kinds of support is available for Avail Health Notes?

We offer full support with a subscription. This includes e-mail and phone support as well as a full knowledge base. The knowledge base is built on a wiki platform and includes fully detailed information on every aspect of Avail Health Notes filled with screenshots so you can follow along.

Do I have to back-up my own data?

We do all of the back-ups nightly. This way you don't have to focus on anything except your business. Your database is backed up in redudant copies so that your agency's data as well as your patients' data stay safe.

Can I access Avail Health Notes from my smartphone?

You have the capability to access Avail Health Notes from your phone in a pinch if you need to see your schedule for the day or as a file review. However, it was not designed specifically for a mobile experience so it is best to work from a desktop or laptop.

Please reference your agency's policies and procedures manual to dictate when it is appropriate to access Avail Health Notes from your mobile device.

Can Avail Health import any of our records from our old EMR/EHR?

This varies depending on which program and version you are transferring from. Not all EMR/EHR's have an export feature that is easy to work with. We do charge for data imports since most other programs do not export to a common export file, such as a .CSV or .XML. Our pricing for data imports can be found here.

What about my custom forms?

Avail Health Notes has several mechanisms to store and retrieve your custom forms or documents. The most streamlined option in the long run is to build the form yourself, or have us do it for you, inside the Avail Health Notes using the Form Builder. This allows you to retrieve the form electronically within Avail Health Notes so you can fill out the form directly from the patient file without having to download or scan anything. Alternatively, you can store the document inside of Avail Health Notes as it exists now, such as a word document or PDF, and use Avail Health Notes as a central storage place for your template forms. Our pricing for importing custom forms can be found here.

What does the Avail Health Notes purchase process look like?

We strive to establish a relationship with you and your business. Here is a step-by-step infographic that breaks down each stage of becoming an Avail Health Notes customer. Hint: After opening the image frame, click on the upper right "x" arrow icon to expand it to full size.

Avail Health KeyNotes Customer Journey Infographic

Customer Journey

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Avail Health Portal

What is Avail Health Portal?

Avail Health Portal is a secure gateway that is accessed via the web or mobile that gives your patients access to their medical records. Features that your patients will love and that will save you overhead include: patient record access, appointment requests, automated appointment reminders, online billing information, and electronic forms. Get more information here.

What kind of device is required to access the Avail Health Portal?

Our portal is accessible via any internet connected device. It works great on mobile devices, so your patients will be able to access their records, request an appointment, or pay their bill from anywhere on the go.

What kind of training comes with Avail Health Portal?

There really isn't much training needed, for your patients or your staff! There is a complete knowledge base accessible by your staff and your patients in case they do have any questions. If your staff does need any additional support, they can contact us via the support ticketing system within the portal.

Does HIPAA allow appointment reminders or not?

Yes. Appointment reminders are considered part of treatment of an individual and can be made without an authorization. However, the Avail Health Portal has controls so that automated reminders may be turned off.